Reconnection Energy Healing


Spiral Energy Vortex 

          “As I opened to and tuned into the energy over the next few days, I felt as if
I was in a powerful  vortex,  a 
cone of  energy from heaven to earth. I was infused with spirit.”  

                                                                                                           Reconnection Client           


Sandra Kammann is a certified Level III Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Hands & Light

The Reconnection is a profound way to transform ourselves and each other. Through evolutionary healing frequencies, we can reconnect to the universe and to our very essence. Accessed via a spectrum of light and information, we unite with Universal Consciousness, reconnect with the fullness of our beings, and express who we truly are!

Originally the meridian lines (think acupuncture) in our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet. These grid lines were intended to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, opening us to the entire cosmos. In contemporary cultures, our connections to the Infinite have become fragmented.

Hubble Cosmos Spiral

The Reconnection brings in and activates these axiatonal lines, enabling us to maintain higher vibratory levels. This connection allows for the exchange of light and information with simultaneously occurring planes of existence. DNA strands are reconnected. We naturally begin to access a parallel-dimensional energistic “circulatory system” of consciousness for healing and evolution.

This vibration can be entrained in each of us. Together we are weaving a magnificent tapestry of unimaginable proportion, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in our shared planetary awakening! I invite you to join me for these bright blessings.      Sandra Kammann

Heart of Light


Adults & Children Welcome!!

In person & remote healing available

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