Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway

Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer's Doorway 

              Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway


About the Play                                                                                                                      Driven by activist passion and anthropological training, playwright Sandra Kammann’s new work tackles religious persecution, eco-spirituality, the mother-daughter bond and the nature of eternity, for starters. The hallmark alchemy of her mythic approach is deliciously nourishing, and the play’s visionary perspective proves both disarming and exhilarating in its bold authenticity. With a stirring musical score, luscious vocals, ancient poetic lore and arresting physical-theatre, Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway weaves tangible magic, offering a compelling message for our time.

While navigating life’s challenges, Melissa feels the widening gap between her dreams for the future and her daily existence. When she and her teenaged daughter Claire find themselves displaced, a sense of powerless mediocrity threatens to overtake her once buoyant nature.  When the dreams begin, she is unaware of their meaning, and the gifts they offer.  Startled awake, she hears retreating voices singing a familiar blessing in a language she no longer comprehends. Through the portal of her dreams, the story of Duir-wyyd: The Dreamer’s Doorway unfolds.

Set in contemporary Washington D.C. and in ancient Ireland, the heart of the play follows a band of Druids, members of an illuminated spiritual elite revered as practitioners of ancient Celtic wisdom. “Duir-wyyd” or “Druid” translates as one who can traverse the veil between the worlds to experience and transmit sacred knowledge. Allied with the spirits of Nature, Druids were the shamanic leaders of their time, tending to their people as healers, bards and visionaries. As Rome’s reach expands and the church’s influence grows, a monumental struggle over the fate of the people of the Isle of Eire ensues. Drawn into this world in her dreams, Melissa’s revelations rock her world.

About the Playwright / Director 

Sandra Kammann: playwright, director, choreographer, cultural anthropologist, activist  and lifelong practitioner of Transformational Theatre and mystical ritual traditions. Founding Artistic Director: Sisters of One Eye Dance/Theatre Troupe. Playwright & Director: Crack Between the Worlds: the goddess returns (adaptation, Aeschylus’ The Eumenides), produced by Studio Theatre’s Secondstage: Helen Hayes nomination for Best Musical (Deborah Wicks-La Puma, composer & Music Director). Faculty: The John F. Kennedy Center Community Partnerships Initiative; Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory (1992-2013). M.A. Cultural Anthropology: Transformational Theatre (Honors), The George Washington University


Mary Abbott, Craig Allen, A.J. Calbert, Madelyn Farris, Madison Middleton,                  Vanessa Nolan, Lilian Oben, Carol Spring


Romula HawthornE, Lynn Sharp Spears, Margaret Howard, Virginia Ward, Denise Diggs, Cheryl Foster, Shannon Dunne, Matt Jones, Rebecca Carle.

 Women’s Voices Theater Festival                                                                


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