Anthropology Express Children’s Project


                                ANTHROPOLOGY EXPRESS CULTURAL STUDIES   


Curricula & Performances developed by Sandra Kammann

Anthropology Express is a dynamic, hands on approach to cultural studies explored through the lens of the performing arts. First, students learn core stories and belief systems of traditional societies. Then their cultural traditions, relationships to the ecosystem, and contemporary issues are brought to life through brainstorming, dramatic play, movement, culturally specific music and playing traditional instruments. This process culminates with creation of a lively original productions, inspired by diverse cultural perspectives.

The Anthropology Express curriculum makes consistent, meaningful connections with literature, history, social studies, visual arts and music, and offers students an in-depth understanding of performing arts. Peoples indigenous to Tibet, Native North America, Peru, Celtic territories, ancient Greece/Minoan Crete as well as other cultural cycles are available, and new culture area curricula can be developed upon request.

Programs can be tailored to the goals and time frames of educational institutions and cultural studies programs, and can be offered in an abbreviated format or as an in depth year long project. Adaptations of this curriculum model can be age appropriate for students in kindergarten through college, and is taught in schools, camps, retreats, home school networks, and other venues. Teacher training is available for educators interested in adopting this approach to cultural studies, deepening and enlivening their students’ classroom experience.

Anthropology Express was originally developed by Cultural Anthropologist and Performing Artist Sandra Kammann, and continues to evolve through public and private school residencies, and as a Kennedy Center Education Initiatives Teaching Artist-in-Residence.

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