We: Akin to

Temple:  A sanctuary or safe haven recognized as a dwelling place of the Divine.

Expand beyond your perceived limits.
Free yourself to live with inspiration and creativity.
Hone your craft as an artist to embody and express your vision.
Become the reality you seek to manifest in the world.

We The Temple offers programming for all ages and skill levels. Our retreats, workshops, performances and individual sessions will liberate your spirit and nourish your soul. We recognize and celebrate your innate human potential for creative expression and personal transformation. By knowing ourselves deeply, we unleash our natural power. When we gather in this spirit, we create a common vision, and together build shared experience. We become, both personally and collectively, a safe haven where Divinity dwells. We become the Temple!

Sacred arts and performing arts share ancient roots. From the beginning of our time on Earth, movement, dramatic enactments, music and chant have served as tools for communication with each other and with the Divine. Our programs encourage everyone to delve into this realm, discovering where creativity and divinity meet within.

S. Kamman